Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sasha had another great day at daycare. He drank all the milks I sent with him, ate all his lunch and snack, and even downed the bottled water I'd sent with him to just sip on all day.

And all that eating and drinking means he's happy and comfortable. He typically goes on strike when he feels wrong.

Despite that though, I've noticed a weird rash pop up on his face. Given his multiple sensitivities and propensity towards eczema it could be anything. It could be he had some food left on his face too long. It could be he snuggled onto someone who was wearing perfume. It could be that someone used the wrong wipe or cloth to clean him up.

Who knows. But I'm watching it, keeping it clean and moisturized.

Sent him to Grandma's with another bento today. Yogurt, peaches, and more turkey dinner. I was able to find a bunch of boxes at the Korean grocery (home of some interesting grocery items) so I'm not having to reclean the same one every day. Also got a new food processor (this isn't what it really cost--remember I'm cheap) to help me with all the cutting, chopping, grating etc. I know in BLW you don't make mush, but some foods I plan to try do need some help. Not to mention, I need it to make some of our REGULAR food, like babaganouj. Since I'm on this all natural, no processed food (okay, minimal processed food. I don't make my own cheese, most breads, etc. And have a small cookie problem) kick it's hard to function without my tools.

As for the kitchen, I've been slowly trying to upgrade from basic starter to a higher level. I've learned most small home kitchen appliances are made for people who don't use them that often. Which explains why I'm on my 3rd blender in 4 years and until we got the KitchenAid I burnt out a mixer every 6 months. The same with knives, pans, and so on.

Right now we've been working on pots and pans. I know a *decent* quality set that'll last starts is a small fortune. So we're doing it every month or so. No nonstick. I'm tired of tossing a pan every so often when the coating just ups and decides to peel. So far, I have a nice clay pot, a cast iron grill pan, and a large iron skillet. After a dutch oven and a wok, I plan to start on the stainless.

And this weekend we'll probably get out kitchen table. The one we had was an IKEA laminated fiberboard As-Is find. And some of the laminate split, got wetness under it, and this week finally just fell apart. We've found a nice oak one, but want to try Upscale Resale first and see if we perhaps there's one that'd suit us better. All wood for us. No more MDF.


caramama said...

Are you living in my brain??? This is what I've been trying to do as well. It's time to upgrade slowly to things that are higher quality and last. I was JUST looking at those kitchen aid food processors... are they good? I'm also looking into the cast iron pots and pans.

I'm glad to hear that the daycare is working out after all. You are giving me much needed hope!

Becoming Mommy said...

I dunno about the food processor. I've learned to wait to see how it works under *my* use before I determine how good an appliance actually is. The mixer they have though is fabulous so I think that it may have some merit.