Wednesday, May 28, 2008

200th Post

So apparently after being in a nice period where we were woken up once a night, max, we're back to repeated screaming sessions.

Fun stuff. Especially the part where I go to work after 3 hours of sleep every day.

But if nothing else, Sasha is eating well. He scarfs down meals the same size as what we're eating. Yesterday for dinner he had breakfast. A scrambled egg with avocado spinach and tomato, a blueberry muffin, fruit salad, & cottage cheese. And then I was making him some more 'cakes' with his old baby food and he saw them, wanted one, and ended up eating 3.

And pretty much nothing missed his mouth.

He hasn't been wanting the formula, so I've been mindful to make sure he has calcium sources like cheese and yogurt. I probably should just give him whole milk instead and use the formula as another "cake" ingrediant.

One of his quirks while eating has been that he wants to feed everyone else. I know it's just behavioral mimicry, but its pretty funny. Mostly I pretend to eat it, and then give it to him and he'll eat it. His grandma has decided to just serve 2 breakfasts, one he'll feed her, and one she'll feed him.

His attempts to walk well solo continue without great success. Thankfully, we have several large dogbeds around and most of the time he seems to hit them rather than the floor. The big motivator seems to be to move while holding his taggie and drinking from his sippie at the same time. Unfortunately, one backwards tilt of the head sends his whole body over. We're still stalled at something more like controlled falling over short distances.

In funny news, Hubby has just realized I have a blog. I had mentioned it to him on several occasions. In fact, I'd told him I had 2--one on cooking and the other about our family but primarily our family in relation to Sasha. But I guess I didn't talk about it enough because it didn't register. He saw it this weekend though and apparently read it for the first time. Seems he was worried about what I said about him. Hubby seems to feel better now.

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caramama said...

Sorry about the nights of screaming wakefulness. They suck.

Awesome that he's such a great eater!