Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Blood's Got an Ice Cream Content

Life has become more fun as we actually never slept at all last night.

I think this must be another Fussy Period. Teething remedies do nothing, he's eaten well, he has no fever...

The really BAD part usually only lasts at most a week. This means we're halfway thru.
I'd be the walking dead this week if it weren't for SEVERAL Birthday Clubs giving me
Freebies and keeping me fueled with vast quantities of sugar.

Yippee for sugar!

I've been trying to lose the extra 40 lbs I'm carrying, but I can handle occasional setbacks like this. Special occasions are just that and I need treats to raise my spirits when things are getting difficult (and thus I've just solved the mystery of why I'm fat...). I've been making progress though so it shouldn't be too bad.

And maybe one day I can be back to the way I was when we got married--skinny, toned, and actually "kempt" looking. That last part I could do better on. I just need to get my hair done more often than every 6 months.


Karen said...

I've been dealing with 30 pounds and setbacks for 13 years now. They seem to be cancelling each other out and I'm getting nowhere.

Amy said...

Had to comment on this one! :)
Totally hear you on the hair thing and the toned thing. After mine was born I cut my hair (like 2 weeks later) and then didn't go back again until last week (10 months)so you're doing good if you go every 6. :) And the toned thing - by some mirace alone I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, BUT in a much different, flabby, shaky body. UGH! But you know it's worth it! I love my little man so much!
I hope your little phase passes quickly for you. That has got to be so hard! I'll bet he's getting ready to walk. I've read that when they're approaching a new milestone it really affects their sleep/ Don't know if it's fully researched, but sometimes as a mom it helps to "think" you know. :)

caramama said...

Our phases have been lasting for months! One sleep regression feeds right into the next. URG!! So I'm jealous of yours, and hope for you guys it continues to pass quickly. And you are right at the 55 (I think) fussy period.

I keep thinking that someday I'll have time to work out again. Someday...