Friday, May 9, 2008

Apparently St. Jude did answer in the positive.

Sasha had a lovely day yesterday with very little crying. Just the usual where when he starts getting tired and can no longer take the teething discomfort. The daycare lady gave him some of the tylenol I sent at the dosage I had written and he was fine.

He ate all his food

He didn't drink all his drink, but it appears I ate something that flavored the breastmilk because he wouldn't take any of Wednesday's pumpings. She refrigerated it and sent it back, so Hubby tried and he still wouldn't take it. Formula, which I'd sent "in case" though he took so she gave him that instead. Same amount. I'm happy because he got his fluids and nutrition. I'm extra happy because it doesn't look like it was her being unable to care for him...just that my milk tasted funny that day (nix salmon with red curry).

So he was a happy, well cared for baby yesterday. And didn't bite.

He actually saw her again that night. Hubby had to go to a Parent's Night after picking up Sasha and so just took him to school. I had to work too late to get him from Hubby way out there. The head daycare lady was there since her boys are students at the school. And Sasha? Leaned away from his Daddy and "asked" for the daycare lady to hold him.


I hope it lasts.

We probably will see the old, evil daycare lady tomorrow at Beanie's birthday. Should be interesting. Especially since she's being investigated thanks to us.

We KNOW it wasn't our kids fault. That makes 2 daycare ladies who haven't had a problem with him and say he's a happy kid. Just her who made him scream for hours on end.


Amy said...

Isn't that just so interesting? Honestly I think most babies are happy - their lives are so simple - so if they aren't it's hard for me to believe that it's their temperament (for the most part- at least if they're always happy everywhere else - has to be the setting, the people, something outside of the child.)So glad the new daycare is going well so far. I pray it lasts too. Happy child =Happy Mommy = Happy EVERYBODY! :)

caramama said...

I'm so glad it's going well! Yeah for new daycare and daycare lady!!! I hope your possible (probable) encounter with old daycare lady goes okay. I think you should mention how great he's doing at his new daycare. :-P to her!

La folle maman said...

Glad to hear it is going well! It's definitely a good thing that he likes the daycare lady.

Burgh Baby said...

All good signs. It's fantastic that things are starting to work out!