Saturday, May 10, 2008

Party Poopers

The birthday party was...interesting.

I was cornered by the former daycare ladies and re-complained to about the "personality issues" of my son. I simply pointed out that really, they were the only people he was like that with. That, while he may have his rough patches, they aren't every day all day. And really, the only time he was that way was when he was in their care. I just told them I really thought there was something wrong with their care that made him that way. Not something wrong with him.

Just poor party manners on their part too. Seriously? Who goes up to another guest and beats a dead horse? Especially when its a means to insult their child. Just makes me happier that I reported her to the authorities.

But as usual, Sasha was devoutly ignored by everyone who was daycare affiliated like he had bubonic plague. We won't be going back to Beanie's house while the former daycare attendees are there.

Also got unwanted/needed advice from the pack-mentality parents (as we discovered they all were, daycare affiliated or not) about how we should drug Sasha so we could sleep better and how we were being stupid in not letting him eat the food being offered (Pizza, M&Ms, cupcakes, & Fanta). And of course no children were being disciplined at ALL.

But I actually didn't mind because all it did was make me feel like a better parent.

We just left after a little while. But I did my thing and feel I drove my point home...there with my happy baby who was joyously playing despite being shunned and mistaking every jeans-wearing man for his Daddy in the sea of legs.

Plus, I know this is wrong of me, but there's one baby there who always gives me the creeps. He looks like one of Burgh Baby's infamous dolls. Staring dead eyes and a plastered on smile...always. The kid's expression never changes. And because of this creepy "pleasantness" he was the darling of everyone there. After all, he never cries. NEVER. He also never looks thoughtful, curious, pooping, or any other expression other than his eyes being closed indicating he's sleeping. That's just NOT NORMAL!!

And really, its no wonder we didn't fit. Some of the other parents may be hippies, butI'm not that kind of hippy. I'm a "Mother Earth" kind. Not a "Lets toke up and listen to the Dead" kind.


caramama said...

Wow, what a party! I'm glad you left knowing you are a good mommy and that they just not your type of people. You will have more fun meeting up at the zoo with me and the others, I think!!! ;-)

Kat - Housewife Confidential said...

You are sooo restrained, I would have said something rude about their behaviour being damaging to children. How did I miss you shopping the day care to the authorities!?