Monday, May 12, 2008

Zombie Henchmen

Since Saturday, we have not slept. Which is probably because I bragged to someone how Sasha was sleeping thru the night. Had been now for a couple of weeks.

Karma is a wicked thing.

We aren't scheduled for another WonderWeek Fussy Period.

And his lower laterals don't show swelling right now, so don't think that's it.

All I can think of why he cannot be pried from my pajama top without a total meltdown is maybe the Former Daycare Ladies?

I dunno. It's wiping me out and he won't go to anyone else.....

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caramama said...

We have been having similar here, and it turns out she is sick with hand, foot, mouth disease, which is apparently really common at this age in the spring/summer time. Starts with such a low-grade fever that we thought it was teething (in fact, most symptoms are just like teething symptoms). Might want to check Sasha out with a doctor.

If it's not that, and even if it is, I hope he feels better soon and starts sleeping better again.