Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Pony Isn't the Only Thing That's a Little Horse

So the left lower lateral showed up.

And he only woke up once.

And in the afternoon it became evident he was getting a cold. Same time Hubby started getting one. I think they must've caught it at the party. They were sharing food and drink then.

But some saline, chest rub, and time in a steamy bathroom has helped a lot. His appetite isn't really up to snuff, but we have work arounds. He's eating as much as normal--we just have to pick his favorites and make it fun (for example, Grandma has had to give up on mush. Mush isn't fun. Eating with your hands however is). Sometimes that means pretending it's YOUR plate and he isn't allowed any.

But he's not too bad off.

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caramama said...

Sorry about the cold! Glad the tooth came through. Only one wake up? I'm jealous.