Friday, May 2, 2008


The planets aligned and hell froze over last night. Sasha went to bed on time and slept till 5 minutes before my alarm went off.

And as usual with this ittermittent blessing--I feel more exhausted than ever.

Sasha's understanding is exploding, even if his spoken language hasn't. Yesterday Hubby said "lets change that poopie diaper" and Sasha took off down the hall, slamming a door behind him. Sasha likes to sit in his soft warm patty. It's wet diapers he can't wait to get out of.

I can see we're actually going to have to start spelling.

Because of this understanding, we're using "No" now when we can see he's already decided to do something, but before he's actually done it. Before we'd wait till he started and catch him in the act.

The big one is "No Bite".

I know his Jaws face by now and can see when he's looking for some flesh to sink his teeth into. He got me last night while I was eating dinner and not paying that close of attention to what he was doing. Now I have a scabby bruise on my calf. We all watch him now and recognize the Jaws face. Even the dogs. They'll happily play and snuggle with him till they see the face. Then they leave in a hurry.

As for the dogs, Sasha does have a name for them now. Even though he knows their names, he uses "dawdee" (doggie) for both. I was kind of wondering if he'd catagorize them as the same thing given how differently they look and act. But it appears he has lumped them together and that's good.

Mostly though, he's just getting really good at gesturing what he wants. We haven't done signing because:

A: I'm lazy
B: I'm able to understand him anyway
C: He has too many other people taking care of him who don’t know baby sign or ASL

I think in a lot of ways he's just a very "Baby" baby. You know how some try to act like bigger kids, have independence, and so forth? Not my boy. He's like glue to his Mommy's legs, doesn't want to do things himself (except eat finger food), and no matter how hyper he gets all it takes is for me to pickup a picture book and then he'll sit nicely in my lap. Unfortunately, that doesnt' work for when he's decided to throw a tantrum. If it did, that'd make my life so much easier.


La folle maman said...

Too funny that the dogs have picked up on the Jaws Face!!

BTW, I know what you mean about the sleep. Seems like when you actually get a good night's sleep you just want more of it!

Burgh Baby said...

Woooohooooo! for sleep! It does screw you over royally when they go back and forth, though.

Alexis knows over 150 signs, but we're the only ones that sign with her. She does LOVE to teach her teachers at daycare, though. She spent all day yesterday teaching them to sign A, B, and C. I'm thinking she'll move on to D, E, and F today. I'm lovin' it.

caramama said...

That's great for the night of sleep. I know what you mean about feeling MORE exhausted when you get just one. It takes a few in a row before it feels like heaven. I miss those days...

I was wondering if our little one would be able to lump different kinds of dogs together and keep cats seperate, and she has taken to this naturally as well. I'm still amazed at how these kids learn! Supergeniuses!!!