Sunday, May 4, 2008


We had a lovely date night Saturday. Dinner was lovely (but thank goodness for gift cards, I really don't think it was THAT good) and we went to see Iron Man.

Spent the rest of the weekend trying to clean and organize. Took a trip to the dump to freecycle (they have a Too Good to Throw Away building where we take things we have no use for). We got the dogs groomed, and scrubbed the whole house down. I still am working on a mountain of laundry and need to iron and rehang the drapes but we're much better off than we were.

I also tried to clean and organize the office, but have you ever tried to organize stuff in a room where a toddler is playing? Especially one with lots of little drawers and shelves with small, brigthly colored objects?

Yeah, after 2 hours the office actually looks worse than it did when I started.

Additionally, Sasha has gotten FAR more active and strong. But being as he has no idea what he's doing, it's not such a good mix.

A good example has been that he broke a part off of our fridge. This is not an old fridge. We bought it when we renovated the kitchen. But now part of the handle has been yanked and snapped off. He also got in there and got a yogurt. Thankfully, it was just a one of his usual snacks.

As a treat for all our hard work today we went out for ice cream (a word to the wise, their mint is nasty)--courtesy of more gift cards. And I made an extremely junky dinner-- bacon cheeseburger pizza. Made a whole grain crust myself and made it from all-natural ingrediants. However, I don't care how healthy that whole grain is, this is NOT a healthy dinner

2 whole grain crusts
1 lb ground beef, fried in olive oil with cracked peppercorns
3 medium-sized mushrooms, sliced, fried with beef
BBQ sauce (can sub ketchup and mustard)
Fried onion rings
Diced tomato
Diced pickle
Chopped fried bacon
Cheddar cheese, shredded

And after baking top with:
Shredded lettuce
French fried potatos

Heart attack on a plate, I'm telling you....

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caramama said...

That sounds like a really good pizza. Mmmmmm.

I can't keep the little one with me when I'm trying to organize my office (if you can call it that) for the same reasons you mentioned. Good luck finding time to organize when you aren't watching him! That's why I've been working on my room for months!