Monday, May 5, 2008

Rabbit Food

Hubby isn't all that happy with me.

You see, in my effort to improve our health, I've been trying to make small changes in the types of groceries I purchase. Organic, all-natural, lower salt, whole grain and (sometimes) no sugar added are the types of foods I have been looking for.

And we're finally reaching a point where almost everything in our pantry and freezer has been changed over to our new "healthier" lifestyle (I say that in quotes because, lets face it, last night's dinner was anything but).

I did some grocery shopping and he'd given me a list of things he wanted: PopTarts, chips, cookies, Eggos...

I reminded him about our new way of doing things and how what he was going to get was going to be a little different from what he was used to.

He said he remembered. It was fine. He just wanted some snackies for munching on now that he wasn't always gone at Robotics and is actually home.

Well, I did get him toaster pastries, cookies, chips, frozen waffles, and everything else on his list.

Whole grain, organic, lower fat/sodium, all natural versions of those were brought home. Just like I said would happen.


"WOMAN, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME!!!!!" was what I received when he helped me unload the groceries.

Needless to say, the idea of healthfood versions of PopTarts were not appealing to him, nor was the rest of it. He was rather upset. Much mumbling about "hippies", "granola", and "rabbit food".

Gee, what thanks for trying to keep him from dying of a heart attack in middle age.


caramama said...

I SO hear you on this! It's taken months for my hubby to get really on board. But he will still buy bags of chips and bottles of sodas when we have guests... but who eats the leftovers? Him. Sigh... Although last time he went grocery shopping he bought pita chips instead of potato chips. Baby steps.

Maureen Fitzgerald said...

We have been making the same transition over here. I should have been suspicious when I didn't get much resistance from my hubby...I recently discovered his "stash" in his car!

sheSaidC2 said...

we get these organic poptarts that are amazing, cherry pomagranite by natures path.
and my husband swears by a 'natural' brand cheesy poofs as the best ever.
The oganic whole wheat waffels we tried tasted like cardboard and were not worth it :)

I bet you can taste test around to find better options. Pringles don't have hydrogenated oils which is better than bad.

It has been an incredibly slow transition for us. Something we started about 4 years ago but are now finally getting some solid footing, and we go easy on our selves about it. I figure if we are home we do the best we can so that when we are not home we don't have to worry so much.