Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today is my last day at this job. And tomorrow is Sasha's last day before he starts the new daycare.

I'm so nervous. I won't be surprised if I spend a good bit of the rest of the week sick to my stomach or break out in hives. More about the daycare then about the job.

I have confidence in my ability to either do the job or figure out I can't and go back to my old job before it reflects badly on my track record.

Hopefully things go well....

Sasha's little naughty streak continues. It's become VERY clear that he is aware what he's doing is bad. But he appears to be finding amusement in our frustration. I have examples:

  1. He is not allowed to touch computers. He knows this. It's been the rule since always. However yesterday while his Grandma was typing he snuck up, hiding behind the screen of her laptop, reached around, and pounded on the keyboard. Then he ran away laughing. Later she discovered that somehow he deleted her e-mail. All of it--drafts, the sent folder, the inbox...
  2. He is supposed to leave Kerry alone. She is a little afraid of him since he bit her so it's been the rule since Christmas. But yesterday? He quickly grabs her favorite stuffy out of her mouth and proceeds to taunt her with it, laughing. And her being the AWESOME dog she is, just went to her place rather than make him give it back. This whole thing took about 30 seconds before I went over and fixed it.
  3. He quickly grabbed the cordless phone (another well-established no-no) and makes off with it pressing buttons the whole way and laughing. When I get it from him? It says the line is in use and I can't seem to turn it off. I have to remove the battery and reboot it to have use of our phone line again.
  4. Books continue to appear in our VCR.
  5. Our printer is now in peices.
  6. The Hound continues to enjoy his "leftovers" fed under the table.
  7. He's begun to even make the Hound nervous. Now THAT's naughty!!!!

Looking at this, it seems like we never ever watch him. But we do! I swear! These all happen in the blink of an eye!


La folle maman said...

I think any parent reading doesn't think you guys are letting Sasha have free roam of the house. They're so quick! I know I understand!

You bring up a good point about the computer. I need to be more vigilant about it. Our son routinely pulls out the keyboard tray and bangs away (luckily the computer is usually locked).

Good luck with the transitions! Treating myself to a guilty pleasure such as brownies (twice a day) or a pedicure at lunch (if you can swing it) seems to help me with transitions or awkward times. (Hmmm, seems like my comforting things always involve either putting on pounds or racking up credit ... maybe you shouldn't follow that advice!)

caramama said...

It's so frustrating when they are into things they shouldn't be! Just remember though that he really doesn't understand what it means to not be allowed to do things. He only understands reactions which are funny and internal impulses that he doesn't know how to control.

That doesn't make it less frustrating though, does it?

I hope the transitions go well for you both!