Thursday, May 15, 2008


As it turns out, I must have an immunity to that specific cold virus. I had a throat issue for 2 days, was extra tired, and then nothing. I feel fine.

And except for a cough (the actual need for which is undetermined) Sasha is fine too. He had a serious Lake Icky Caca this morning because of all the mucus he had been experiancing. Poop everywhere. And Hubby was really trying to clean it up, but doesn't have the system down to get a poop-coated kid clean without making an even bigger mess.

We were both a little late this morning because of that.

Hubby is sick with the cold.

Which is really too bad because I'm increasingly loopy during the middle of the night wake-ups and it's become kind of dangerous. This morning at 1am I thought it was 4--to the degree I believed it was the alarm clock that woke me up and I saw "4:00" when I looked at it. And when Hubby asked if it was okay to give Sasha a little Tylenol I said sure.

Because in my mind, it had been 7 hours.

Fortunately, it had been 4. But it took me a second to do the math and freak out when I actually woke up and saw the time wasn't what I'd thought.

Lots of stuff like that going on.

And the in-laws are in town.

And have to go to my Grandfather's birthday party this weekend. No, I do not have 'warm fuzzies' for this man. At all. This is purely obligation-filling


caramama said...

ugh! Sorry about the sickness, the loopiness (I'm with you there!) and the family obligations.

Are you looking forward to next weekend's zoo trip though? :-)

sheSaidC2 said...

gotta love the poopslosions...

my favorites are the ones you have to change on your lap in the back of a car, thankfully the little one was not as mobile then as he is now!

La folle maman said...

Sorry about the pooplosions. That definitely stinks in more way than one. Good luck with everything you are juggling right now. Hopefully, the pooplosions and colds will subside and make things a little easier.

Burgh Baby said...

Pooplosions blow chunks. I hope everybody is feeling better and that the loopies go away soon!