Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog of the Zombie Queen

The Screamies are continuing, only more ittermittently. It has GOT to be a developmental thing and, thinking on it, it's understandable. He's gone thru a LOT of changes.

1) There's the still relatively new daycare. Yes, she's a lovely woman and he's happy there, but it's new.

2) There's his newfound independence.
a) The sudden weaning was a big step--even though it was his choice to take it. I spent about 1 week continuing to pump at least once a day and continuing to offer it. But no, and so I let myself dry up.
b) Feeding himself completely—no more morning oatmeal or jarred food at other peoples’ houses—is also a pretty big change.
c) No more bottle is also significant.

3) There’s also a bit of a language explosion. We’ve been noticing a new word pretty much every day for the last week. That’s a LOT. And he’s putting words together…not necessarily a sentence because there isn’t always a verb. The only verb he happens to be able to say is “Throw” (actually comes out “tow”). But there are a lot of subject/object combinations like he’ll say the dog’s name, followed by “doggie” while he pets her. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t say Mommy.

I think we’ve just got to wait this out and hope it doesn’t kill us all.

2 comments: said...

Ahhh... the baby days. My youngest is 2 1/2 and it's amazing how much older that feels, even though it's only about a year.

caramama said...

We've been having word and sign explosions pretty continuously since about 12 months. It's simply amazing! Oh, and we're getting the independence struggle too. Now, she is constantly saying "No" with a frustratingly cute shake of her head. Urg!

Good luck with this phase, and here's hoping for more sleep soon.