Monday, June 2, 2008

The baby gave me another of his viruses (I daycare some sort of petri dish? Should I expect an onslaught of Ebola or Andromeda?). Again, it doesn't seem to affect him hardly at all...but I felt miserable yesterday when I caught it.

Today's still no picnic, but at least I look good. A little shopping spree with gift cards and a few hours at Hair Cuttery have me back in my Molly Ringwald hairdo and non-ratty, non-maternity, properly fitting clothes.

And I put on makeup too.

But may I digress a moment to complain about clothing size? How come, in a single store I can pick up one pair of pants that’s a size 8 and it fits (I know it runs huge, but it gave me warm fuzzies). And pick up a 14 in another brand and it's way too small? I mean, it's no wonder women have body image issues. If I had been duped into thinking I needed to buy an 18 (I'm not kidding) to fit in a pair of pants I would have probably sunk into a depression. Thankfully, I tried the 8 on first and so knew that it wasn't was the pants. Women's clothing manufacturers need to get together and just do what they've been doing in men's clothing forever...just size things by how many inches around or long they are and be done.

It's nice to start feeling myself again. And feeling pretty.

As for Sasha…anyone know what to do with a kid who packs his mouth too full of food? Is there something you can do to slow them down?

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La folle maman said...

I know what you mean about sizes. I have a theory that the variation depends on what country the article of clothing was manufactured. This theory came about pre-baby days when I used to actually wear nice underwear from Victoria's Secret (those days are long gone!). I noticed that some were made in Pakistan and I wore one size in those and others were made in Isreal and I needed a different size in those. But maybe that's just Vicki's. I haven't tested the theory elsewhere since.