Saturday, July 12, 2008

Never ever go there

Picked up the beasties from a new kennel (Hubby swore he'd done it but waited till about a week before we left to call anyone). Not happy.
They didn't know what dogs were ours and the paperwork reflected that (apparently the Hound is a black portuguese water dog and 50 lbs....not a tan/white wirehaired podengo medio--much smaller). And Kerrygirl is supposedly a toy dog...not a 40lb large terrier.
Supposedly regave them annual vaccines they'd had less than a year ago because apparently "annual" to these people means every couple of months. But of course, I cannot confirm this since thy didn't know what dogs were ours.
They say they treated kerrygirl for a bout of HGE, but started from scratch like they didn't know this was "normal" for her and gave her all kinds of treatments I had already told them didn't do a damn thing except cost money and time--and in some cases actually SLOWED her improvement. But then, again, can't be sure of this since they didn't know who was who.
We got almost all their food back. Which if either of the "girls" got sick this solves that mystery.
And not a manager in sight on a Saturday. I want my money back. All of it. Even the kenneling fee.
The forms I signed stipulated they were to contact me before doing anything medical to them.
Not left to discover it when I picked them up today.
I should sue them. I really should.

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caramama said...

That. Is. Ridiculous! You should definitely get ALL of your money back. I'd be so POed!!