Monday, July 14, 2008

Trimming the Fat

Teething stinks.
Sasha has been misearble the past couple of days. His one year old molars are coming in, and on top of it all he has been constipated since we got back.
I think it's all that antibiotic (only the reverse effect of last time) killing off his digestive flora and not having yogurt on vacation. All we could find was sweetened, low fat stuff he won't eat. He likes YoBaby. Full fat. Naturally sweetened with fruit. It's still bad, but at least now he's defecating.
Kid gained well over a pound while we were on vacation, and that was weighed before he had the problems. Not a shocker. He was eating adult sized meals at restaurants. I can't always eat adult sized meals at restaurants and I'm a pig.
Hubby's truck is broken. Before vacation he took it in for a few minor things in the wheel area and now it sounds like mine did when the rotor was being chewed up. Neice is watching the baby for us since he couldn't get down to daycare and Hubby had to get over to his interview via tow truck.
I've fulfilled one of my resolutions. I'm now a member of Weight Watchers.
And I'm also now so starving I could eat a horse. I'm on the flex plan and because I ate pretty good in the first place, I've just continued eating well and just lessening the overal amount to fit with the plan.
It's way less. I'm so hungry.

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caramama said...

Teething totally sucks. Good luck on WW!