Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dust Devil

Now I, too, am sick.

Because of Sasha’s sinus infection I went on a scrubbing whirlwind the past couple of days (as much as I can, living as I do in a construction zone). But being overly concerned with his well being, I forgot about my own.

Because of allergies, when I clean I need to wear a mask and gloves. If I don’t, I’m an allergic mess. And this Sunday/Monday I didn’t so now I have a sinus infection from the congestion, my face is swollen, and I’m covered in hives.

I have an NAET appointment on Friday morning in hopes of getting rid of these allergies once and for all, but an expectation of at least drug-free control of them. Meanwhile, I’m strung out on a double dose of benedryl, in cocktail with Sudafed and antibiotics.

After taking Kerrygirl to hers (for her it hasn’t been a cure, but it’s been a Godsend that saved her from euthanization) and seeing what is done, he wants to try it too. However, still nervous, he wants to wait till I’ve tried out a practitioner. Silly guy asked why we couldn’t just see our vet (um, we’re human. That’s why).

My Mom, as usual, sees sinus infection as the result of owning dogs. Not sure why. I had horrible ones thru childhood even when we didn’t have any pets at all. But then, she never did like the idea of me having dogs and a baby together and was the primary champion for me “getting rid of ‘em” when I was pregnant. In her world, this is something that makes me a bad mom. Nevermind that studies say that having dogs with babies does NOT cause asthma, allergies, or respiratory ailments but rather seems to do the opposite. She will not be dissuaded.

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caramama said...

That sucks. I hope you feel better soon.