Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"No one can hear you the dark. In the night." Bullocks.

We're dealing with the midnight screamies again.
Not sure why. Sasha's been on his meds a few days now and no more fever, his appetite is back, and all day he's a happy little guy.
Wondering if it's fear of the dark.
I've noticed our fearless little guy isn't so much lately. Certain toys inexplicably scare him and have had to be retired and his previous love of adults in large mascot-like costumes has diminished. They are now met with a worried look. And the swings? Scared of them now.
Unfortunately, those fears that are defeloping aren't in areas that might be useful. Like a fear of heights when climbing.
So after a 45 minute screamfest (that's how long it took to calm him down, although about 20 minutes of that was just putting him down on the floor kicking, arching, and screaming and sitting next to him to wait it out). And he was back in his crib I left the light on. Dimmed, but on. No more screaming.
We'll have to see if this works tonight, again.


caramama said...

Good thinking to try the dimmed lights! Sorry for the screamies again. :-(

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

We used to have one of the projector nightlites that projected the solar system and stars on the ceiling. It was bright enough that we never had to turn on the actual light.

Hallie :)

La folle maman said...

Sorry you're experiencing the screamies. wonderful world of weiners' comment made me think of two things we have for Monkey. One is the Tyke Light. It's a little blobby shaped guy that comes in green, blue and pink that you can set in your child's room. It has three settings: one, that is bright, one that is low and one that slowly dims over a 5 minute period. There's also this turtle from Cloud B that displays the stars on the ceiling and slowly dims over a 45 minute period. We use either one whenever Monkey has a particularly hard time going to bed.