Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm gonna let it shine

It appears it WAS the dark.

He still woke up at a quarter to 12, but no hysterics. He just needed his diaper changed and he immediately went back to sleep.

So we'll be looking for a soft glowy light this weekend (I've seen several I think are fun and durable), and maybe the good, old fashiond Glow Worm too (for his fort and habit of hiding in closets).

Hubby has been away the past few days.

Sasha has tried to call him a few times. You see, my phone has voice dial. Unfortunately, in the phone's memory, "Dad" is not Hubby. So Sasha called his grandparents.

They had pretty good senses of humor about picking up the phone to "'Lo? *boop* Dada? 'Lo? *boop* *beep* 'Lo? *giggle* HEY!...What are you doing? Give Mama the phone. Give Mama....No, Come back here..." or voicemails to the same effect.

And he LOOOOOOVES the phone. He has about 5 toy ones between our house and my parents'. And if he visits someone, the phone is the first thing he seeks out. The lady he goes to for daycare has had to hide hers because he dials people up and tries to talk to them.
At random, of course.

I am expecting to have to pay a portion of her bill soon.

As an aside, WHAT IS UP WITH PEOPLE DRIVING LATELY!!! Everywhere I go, but especially on Rt. 7, it's like a game of Dodge The Idiot. People going driving on the Left Side, taking left turns from the far right lane, sudden unexpected U-turns, brake slamming for no apparent cause, sidewalk name it. I've seen it.


La folle maman said...

Maybe it's the heat. Caramama was complaining recently about drivers as well. Me? I guess I've been fortunate enough to have a sick kid for the past three days and not really driving anywhere. Hopefully the crazies will be off the road tomorrow!

ALF said...

You can tell your son that I am also afraid of the dark. And I'm 27. It's ok.

caramama said...

Good diagnosis, Mommy! I think the Glow Worm is a great idea!

The Pumpkin loves the phone too, especially pressing buttons. She's called my mom on my cell phone recently and tried to call many others. I'm usually quick enough to hit End before it finishes dialing. And her toy phones are never as fun as the real thing.

Don't get me started on the drivers in this area.