Friday, August 8, 2008

NAET Virgin

Had my first appointment for NAET.
I feel like crap. Apparently immediately feeling a sense of well-being is normal for most people. However, once your allergies have passed a certain “badness” level (how far they’ve affected your general health) you’ll feel the opposite. And will take longer to cure. Says so right in Dr. Namburipad’s book.

And so, it appears I’m in the second group.

Have some probiotics to help boost my immune system to take 3 times a day. And need to go back next week.

For people like me, it’s supposed to be more cumulative and start to feel better after 5-10 visits.

You know what’s going to kill me? The not being able to eat or touch things with certain ingrediants for 25 hours afterwards. This week it’s egg. Next week is milk. I have a baby.How the heck to I avoid those?!?!?

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