Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Behaviorist is a Bust

Some people just don't know how you go about running a business.

I showed up, and was told there must've been some mix-up. Please come back at 1pm. I came back at 1pm. No one was there.

And I mean no one. Empty parking lot, locked building...

We waited 20 minutes. It was hot, so we took a short drive over to the shopping center and Kerrygirl and I browsed aisles of dogfood.

Came back at 2, still a ghost town.

You don't make appointments with clients, and insist on a partial payment up front and then tell them to leave, come back later.

And then just leave them hanging.

I called and told them not to bother rescheduling. If I am to have someone help me, I need to know they aren't wasting my ****ing time. And obviously, they aren't those people.

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caramama said...

That sucks! That's a pretty bad way to run a business. Can you get your partial payment back?