Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great, except for the snaggletoothed dwarf

Things are getting better.
Work is now advertising the open position on my team, so I should have more help soon.
More teeth have broken thru, meaning Sasha is less cranky. Unfortunately, they are coming in all horrible and he has now 2 rows of teeth. Not kidding there. They are coming in where there already ARE teeth. I'll give it a little time and pray they straighten themselves out. Baby teeth sometimes do.
Kerrygirl seems to have forgotten that the Toddler is the Evil One who will steal her toys and food. She still herds him obsessively, but she does that to everyone but me so I guess we're doing well. No biting, no tackling, no snarling...
The Hound has learned to tone her exuberance down around him so that...ya know...he's less likely to beat her to a pulp with the normal toddler activities of hitting and throwing things. So things are working better there too.
I got the house clean. One. Room. At. A. Time. Over the weekend. It no longer smells like poop. Diaper Genie controlling smell...my behind, it does. All commercial cleanser free so I didn't have to worry about the kiddo or the dogs walking around on it, licking things, etc. Baking soda, salt, lemon juice, orange peel, vinegar and water work beautifully and I poured charcoal in the bottom of the diaper bins so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. The house now smells...well, like nothing at all.
We went to a few labor day sales and got Sasha clothes that fit. Something is wrong with Carter's. 12 month fit him like capri pants and belly shirts. 18 month tops are too tight around his arms. And the 18 month pants? Are several inches too long. Still. That kids legs do NOT seem to be growing. Worries me as dwarfism does run in my family.
Construction projects didn't make ANY headway, but that's okay. Everything else did and grout, spackle, mortar, and other things needed to dry and seet up.
Oddly, Sasha has suddenly decided he didn't want to wean those months ago. He's gone back to trying to get some "nu-nu" all of the sudden now. And naturally, there's nothing there. And oh, how upset he gets that there isn't. I wonder what little thing happened there to make him decide to get somethin he hasn't wanted since mid-May
Now this weekend I need to think of something for Hubby's birthday. My attempts at thoughtful and wonderful gifts and doings have not worked out at all.

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caramama said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well! That's so nice!

We missed you at the dinner Saturday night, but it sounds like you were busy busy.

Good luck coming up with a gift for hubby. I'm really bad at gifts for mine, so don't ask me for opinions!