Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maybe it's easier to "forget"?

I am not having any luck here.

Hubby’s birthday is Friday. I have yet to find him anything.

I started off looking for tickets for his favorite college football team for him and his buddies, and spring for them to all go down there. Because I’m an awesome wife like that.
But the tickets were sold out for the whole season months ago when I started looking. Leaving me with scalpers. Which makes the plan not doable anymore.

Then I went looking for a specific tool he wanted. I searched the stores, who all had the floor model, but none of them had it in stock. And the floor models they wouldn’t sell. And the online store told me that it was no longer being carried.

So that, too, is out. Seeing as it doesn’t exist and all.

Then I started trying to get reservations at Hawaiian/Polynesian/Tikki restaurants and planned to have us go out for an evening of fun. I even have a babysitter all set up.

Apparently the last few remaining in the metro area closed this summer. I’ve been making calls and they are all gone. Every single one.

I’m left with ideas that are probably questionable at best. I’m probably about to have a husband complaining about how I either “forgot” or how he didn’t like it.

My darling Dear….I have not forgotten you. It’s just that all my splendiferous plans came to nothing.


Burgh Baby said...

I HATE when that happens. If we put a lot of effort into a gift, there should be a payoff. I hope you are successful with something soon.

La folle maman said...

What happened to "it's the thought that counts"? My poor DH is luckily if he gets anything on the actual day. But the things he wants are usually so expensive we do a combo birthday/xmas/anniversary gift. Like the LCD tv in our bedroom now. So he doesn't complain when there's nothing to open that day.

caramama said...

I hope you found something good and he had a happy birthday!

Becoming Mommy said...

La Folle--I dare say Hubby is a bit spoiled. And lately, grumpy. So "thought" isn't really at the front of his mind.