Monday, September 8, 2008


I did finally get a plan together to celebrate Hubby’s birthday.
With the severe absence of Hawaiian cuisine (other than an ice cream shop that I found), he gave me the vague description of what type of thing he wanted to do with a baby/dog sitter for the evening.

Go out to eat. Somewhere different, but not too different. Somewhere with good, somewhat fancy seeming food but that was very casual. Somewhere out of town, but not far away.

So I found a Caribbean place (the Thai and Chinese ones I found qualified as “too different” in being extremely authentic). Checked to make sure it was still there. Perused the menu to accommodate whatever he meant by “different but not too different” sent directions to his phone, and secretly planned to take him out for pineapple whips for dessert.

I did not account for him being in a “mood”.

He’s been pretty awful about the whole thing and we ended up skipping dessert while he moped and fussed and we ended up going home (at least the curried goat was good). He was kind of nasty to everyone that day.

We talked and I’m thinking mid-life crisis. Yay.

Meanwhile, I’m the one who it’s been pointed out to lately that she doesn’t have any friends. The definition of “friends” being someone you see at least once a month, face-to-face, in a social setting, who’s known you at least 7-10 years and to whom you are not related by either blood or marriage. I think with that definition though, pretty much everyone with little kids has no friends. So I don’t feel too bad.

As far as Sasha is concerned? Well, he has a black eye right now, so no pictures. He snatched a phone a tad to vigorously and smacked himself in the face with it. Meanwhile, his paternal Grandma is trying to convince me to get him into modeling. As much as I think my son is beautimous, I just can’t be a “stage mom”. It’s not something I want for us.


caramama said...

In a mood on his birthday. That's never good! Hopefully he at least appreciates the effort you went through to make it a good one.

As for that definition of friends? That's BS. Friends should have a much much wider definition because not everyone makes friends or keeps friends the same way.

La folle maman said...

I agree with Caramama. It's hard to keep friends over that long of a period and meet the rest of the criteria. Especially if you change jobs, have a job, move or have kids. One of those things is bound to happen within a 7-10 year span of women our age and every single one of them can interfere not only with friendships but everything else in your life.

Sorry hubby was in a mood during his birthday celebration. Hopefully he'll come around soon.