Friday, September 19, 2008

I Think Decompression Gave Me the Bends

Today's been such a rough week, that I didn't come to work till almost noon. I wanted to have a little time to myself. To move slowly. To get things done that *I* wanted done.

To decompress.No such luck, and I really should have known better.

The morning started off at a quarter to 4. Screaming from the Nursery.

I went in to an extremely full diaper and proceeded to change it. Well, I got it off when Sasha decided to throw the Butt Paste onto the floor.

I swear I only left him diaper-free for a moment to retreive the precious tube.

But it was enough to shower himself, the wall, the carpet, the bedding in his crib (about 10 feet away) and his Taggie (also on the floor) with urine. I am amazed at how much urine the bladder of a 15 month old can hold. I don't think mine, at it's fullest, holds that much.

So off we went to the bathroom for a quick bath, as his hair was now soaked in pee and I did not have faith that baby wipes were the answer.

Well, this caused louder screaming as he was not only NOT just changed and stuck back in bed, but now was coated in pee but stripped down and stuck in the shower.

Eventually we were both cleaned (although I left his room for later) and back in bed. The morning progressed normally, only I didn't get up again till 0730.

Up to run the dogs around to lessen the crazy that builds up.

Then around the house I zoomed doing laundry, cleaning toilets, replacing air filters, collecting dishware/random trash, dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Then, with a beautifully clean home, I went upstairs to shower.

I think our neighbors must have mowed yesterday and run a poorly aimed sprinkler this morning. Because, when I came out?Mud, grass clippings, etc. All. Over. Everywhere.
And the clean, folded, put away clothes? Pulled out and strewn all about the house.
And no time to do anything about it but go to work.

Weeks like this week are the kind of things that drive people to drink.
But no alcohol for me, too many WW points.

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caramama said...

That sucks. I'm sorry for the rough time.