Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do the Parrot Polka

We had a pretty good weekend.
Saturday was spent at the Flea Market. As always, I was looking mostly for furniture to replace the beat-up, half-broken IKEA stuff that Hubby and I had since before we were married. IKEA is great, but by and large it does not travel well. And the recently graduated have a habit of moving every 12 months or so.
But I didn't find anything that was right. So all we ended up with was some cast iron cookware that's still so very usable.
Sasha had an exciting day of scaring venders by running full-tilt at their displays...until he ran out of leash and would just land on his bottom a safe distance away.
Yes, we had him in a leash and harness. It was great. He didn't have to stay trapped and motionless in his stroller, I didn't have to pay thousands of dollars to someone selling estate crystal and dishware.
Sunday I cleaned out the fridge/freezer and went to the store and bought groceries and did some prep for various dinners this week.
This weeks menus are:Chili atop spaghetti squash
Slow cooked bbq pork butt and baked apples
We've been eating out a lot because of my latenights at work, a lack of easy-prep food, and Sasha's insistance on "helping" in the kitchen. I know Hubby just can't do it all. And a slow-cooker while we're at work is out of the question (the dogs). But now we can eat at home and it'll be easy. I can reheat while he sits in front of Sesame street, shoving chunks of roasted sweet potato, turkey, and green beans in his mouth and "chair dancing".

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caramama said...

Oh, I'm dying for some cast iron cookware! I'll have to check out the flea markets, cause I think they are too expensive in the stores.

Glad it was a good weekend. Love that the leash worked so well!