Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Time-Bomb and Casual Dining

I think someone out there in Food Service Land is reading Burgh's posts.

We went out last night and, actually, had the best possible service, considering our tiny time-bomb.

  • We went in and were attended to IMMEDIATELY and seated at the furthest possible table from the smokey bar and everyone else, for that matter.
  • They placed the high chair BETWEEN 2 regular chairs. Normally when we go out the server just sticks it on the end, which isn't really the best place for us to take care of him easily. It's better if we flank him.
  • They gave him a kids menu (and us an extra) and crayons. They handed us his silverware, rather than giving it to him.
  • The server took his dinner order with our drinks and brought it back with lightspeed. Sasha was finishing up when our food came. And by the way, he handed us his plate, rather than sticking it in front of him for possible burning and destruction.
  • Given we were kept in our own separate area, when high-chair confinement related meltdown was commencing, I was able to just let him down to run about in our section. No one else was there except our group...and we just wanted to eat without the screaming.
  • The waiter gave me some tortilla chips to keep him busy after his dinner so he wouldn't beg without my asking.

What can I say, our Fridays rocks!

But it could possibly be that the servers are by and large former students of Hubby (and his students tend to like him). We might be getting better service than the norm.

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caramama said...

That is fantastic! I love good dining experiences like that. I hope you tipped well!