Monday, September 29, 2008


Dragging again this morning. Another sleepless night due to baby discomfort.

Not only do his teeth hurt, but the poor kid is itchy, itchy, itchy.

The good news is, we think we may be figuring out the cause of his "diaper rash" that seems to only appear when he's been to daycare. Mostly because it isn't actually diaper rash at all. And we do LOVE the lady he goes to. She's been working with us so hard to try and keep on top of Sasha's rashiness. So hard she was keeping a log of how often she was changing him. Friday it was up to every 30 minutes and she feels terrible because he still came home horribly rashy.

But, because of what we now think is the cause? Well, that made it worse.

It's actually an allergy. Because instead of just a red, irritiated behind, we now also have red, welty, hive-y marks everywhere her hands touched to a degree you can see the outlines of her hand...especially on his legs where you'd hold to get them to lift them and keep them up.
We suspect it's the gloves she uses when diaper changing. Either the material the gloves are made out of, the powder that they are dusted with to keep them dry and easily used, or a combination. That'd explain the marks, why it only happens when he's with her, and why more diaper changing actually made it worse.

I'm thinking we really need to see a pediatric allergist a lot sooner than I'd planned. Sasha's "sensitivities" are apparently more numerous than we thought and I don't want him to develop the kind of health issues that long-term-unresolved allergies can bring about.

I also am going to go out this week and buy her different gloves. That should fix it. And, of course, tell her not to feel bad. She was doing her best to give him optimal care. Who knew it was something so simple?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Sasha is having such a hard time with the rash. At least you've got some hard evidence as to the cause. Perhaps buying a box of non-latex gloves in the meantime for the daycare lady to use might help until the allergist figures it all out? I'm not sure if you can get those kind at Target or Home Depot but might be worth a shot.

caramama said...

Good idea to try new gloves. I like La Folle's idea of non-latex.

He definitely sounds like he needs the allergist early. Some kids do. Good luck!