Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BBFW is Approved

Baby Bro's Future Wife (BBFW from here on least till they're married) is actually a very nice young lady. Extremely sheltered, but not so much she isn't willing to go outside what she's used to. Actually, she DOESN"T seem to want what she's used to so this trip seems to be a big exciting list of firsts.

And yes, she did know we were of the pasty persuasion so, while I can't speak for how many surprises she has found, she at least knew ahead that there'd be a culture shock.

But home has been kind of standard.

Kerrygirl seems sick again. Her gums are pale, she won't eat hardly anything, and she's just moping around. But she has no fever, her pulse is good, her abdomen palpates as "soft", she's well hydrated, and we haven't seen any evidence of HGE yet. But I think we will see HGE when we go home tonight...I know she's been bleeding. Already had her treated as if it were, too. So I'm hoping it will be a short stint.

The Hound...well, she's just her. Racing around doing the Maticar every time Sasha shreiks. Eating from the Diaper Genie. Having blood lust for the contents of the neighbor's rabbit hutch...
Both dogs stink and are in desperate need of grooming. And our tub is out-of-order. I'm thinking using the hoses at the car wash may not be a terrible idea.

We really need to finish that renovation.

Sasha's canines seem to have broken thru, but the nightly screaming has not subsided. If anything, it's escalated. And his eating regression has gotten worse as well.

Hubby is busy with interims coming out soon.

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caramama said...

Sorry that things are rough with Sasha and the dogs. Eating out of the Diaper Genie? YUCK!

We've taken our dog to a doggie daycare place that has tubs you can use (for a price of course). They are all set up, and it's really easy. If there is one near you, you should look into it. If you have the time, that is.

And I'm so glad you like your BBFW!