Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where Manboobs Come from

Things are much better today.
I know I've been a bit cranky, but partly that's been due to sleep loss thanks to teething pain that we are no longer giving pain meds for. So that means he's in our bed more, as that soothes him and helps him cope (and yes, we still have to have his taggie and glow-buddy too).
Unfortunately, he's not nice to sleep with and one of us gets headbutted all night while the other gets kicked repeatedly.
Last night wasn't any better, but I've not been peed on, vomited on, pooped on, or had any other bodily function smeared on me. And so, things are better.
His talking hasn't gotten any better, but I think we're figuring out some of his special secret language. He has several words that he's used repeatedly that didn't sound like anything we could figure out. Now he's figured out to go and find what he's talking about and point at it emphatically and repeat when we don't understand.
It works.
He's also figuring out utensils starting this weekend. Finally. And can I say Thank God!
The funny thing that's come with it is the sneakiness with this eating regression. So we sit him down to eat and give him something that's usually a can't miss. Say raspberries. And we go about our business and look over, and they're all gone. The floor is clean. His hands and face are covered in juice. So we give him more. Same thing.
You'd think he ate them, right?
Well, you'd be wrong. He's stuffed them down his pants and shirt. The straps on his high chair make it look interesting when he has a shirt filled with macaroni.
Where do kids pick these things up?!?

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caramama said...

Bwahahhahah! Stuffing them down his pants and shirt! That is hysterical!