Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Answer Free

It was nice to get a few days off work. More and more I’m wishing I was a stay-at-home Mom. More and more I see how I really *COULD* handle it. And more than that, enjoy it. I must be getting the hang of this parenthood thing. At least, as much as anyone with one kid who’s only in early toddlerhood can.

Alas, that’s not to be. I am the primary breadwinner, and that’s not going to change.

Weekend was eventful.

I took Sasha to the big consignment sale and got a few deals. I will never understand why people feel that a secondhand sale means “Unload your broken garbage”. Or why people buy toddler pants that are $65 retail and then don’t ever wear them. I got almost all his winter clothing. We just need to get him a coat or snowsuit. I also found some out of print books I remember as a child in a box for $.50-1.00. Score!

Hubby took Kerrygirl to the vet meanwhile. Turns out it wasn’t giardia, but instead a gallbladder issue that mimics giardia and is curable with antibiotics. A little ultrasound to double check and we were to be on our way with some pills but…well, she has a mass in her breast. We need to get it removed, but we’re all reasonably certain it’s a cyst. It never ends with her, does it?

Sunday was just a nice peaceful day of Church, togetherness, and chores.

Monday, Sasha and I had our allergy appointment. Poor boy had a scratch test. I felt like a criminal. He bit the nurse giving it to him. Hard. And we still have no real answers. The allergist says that his history says “allergy” fairly clearly. And the eczema says “food allergy”, albeit a non-life-threatening one he’d likely outgrow. But his test didn’t show a single allergic reaction. Not one. Which to that doctor, means he doesn’t have any allergies. And he suggested maybe it he had some virus (no, we’ve had him checked) or perhaps a bacterial infection (and other than the obvious ear and sinus ones, we’ve had that checked too).
So we’re back to square one and have no answers.


caramama said...

I'm glad you have a nice weekend. Way to go, getting those sales! I should check out some consignment stores.

Sorry about Kerrygirl still having issues. And very sorry that you were not able to determine what the problem is with Sasha. Allergies would have been easy. Have you considered it is a problem with fructose or dyes? Hedra talks a lot about her children's bad reactions to fructose, but I don't know if the symptoms are what Sasha has at all.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the allergist appointment. Perhaps a second opinion is in order? Or Internet research but that could turn up some unexpected and unproven results.

At least you found some good buys. A good, cheap find is always fun.

Karen said...

I think your dog would fit right into our household.

And the consignment sales - that's awesome! Never spend more than you have to, that's my motto.