Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boy for Sale. Cheap.

Ah…the joys of Toddlerhood.

Sasha is currently experiencing his Jekyll & Hyde Period. We never know which one he’s going to wake up as.

Last night, post-afternoon nap/pre-bedtime Sasha was Hyde. I have blood blisters from when he bit me in mid-tantrum. I suppose to emphasize Just. How. Angry. He. Was. There were several of these. I changed his diaper—tantrum. I brushed his teeth—tantrum. I made him stop hitting the dog—tantrum. If someone had happened by looking to purchase a child (the circus, gypsies…), I would have gladly handed him over. Cheap.

This morning, he is Dr. Jekyll. He woke up buzzing with energy and bursting with giggles. He proceeded to show me he knew all his body parts (he has “toes” and “nose” reversed…have to work on that), he knew where anything with birds on it was in the house, he knew where all the doors were, he new where anything with a dog (in Sasha-land, all 4 legged furry creatures are “dogs” and he will not be convinced otherwise) on it was…I had to cut him short because, seriously, I did have to go to work. Apparently his exposition of knowledge continued thru breakfast.

As for sleeping thru the night (or even a decent nap, for that matter) we are much as we have been. It’s not good, because we grownups get short-tempered when tired. Hubby wants me to “fix it”, but we’ve tried every method touted to get a child to sleep. Every. It’s just not in the cards for us.


caramama said...

Ugh. I hear ya! This is another tough time for the kids and parents. We are going through similar, so I really feel your pain (including getting bit pain!).

Anonymous said...

Tough to deal with when they are like that and you've had little sleep, definitely. I feel your pain. Hopefully a few good days are ahead or at least more sleep.

Your post title is funny. DH always jokes, "Still wanna keep him? We could probably get a pretty good price for him and you could just cook up another one!" Of course, he's just joking trying to lighten the mood when Monkey is one of those moods.