Monday, November 17, 2008

Jesus? Yay!

We’re on the cusp of another little developmental shove. I can sense it.

This weekend was a weekend of freak outs. Things that just seem totally inane scared him. Our child, thus far, has been pretty close to fearless (except of the dark) but that’s all starting to change.

His talking, at least as far as I’m concerned is getting clearer and more frequent. I seem to be the only one though. Hubby says it’s because of HOW I talk to him that I understand him (constantly guessing and asking for confirmation). But still, progress is progress and I am not asking so much which means Sasha’s becoming more consistent.

He’s learning lots of new things. For example, now? He can do the sign of the cross (he gets a little mixed up at the “Holy Spirit” part but that’s still really awesome). He’s the only person I know who ends it with applause and a “Yay!”, but it’s a cute way to end it. I’m sure God appreciates exhuberance, even if the person next to us in Church doesn’t. And if you ask who we talk to when we pray? He says “Jesus”. I know he has no clue who Jesus is, but hey, it’s a start.

The “helping” is reaching new highs. And the poor child, I think we need to give him more guidance. For example, when he comes down in the morning he likes to bring me the dog dishes. Sometimes the dogs have already been fed and are in the middle of eating. Oops. He wants to help me unload the dishwasher, like he does at Grandma’s. But we have heavy stoneware and he drops every single one (thankfully, they haven’t broken) because it’s too heavy. Oops. He wants to help me put clothes away. Unfortunately, he decides to do it from his dirty hamper. Again, oops. I’ve been trying, like guiding him into cleaning up his toys, giving him a cloth with vinegar to clean up where he dumped his milk on the couch, and so on. But I think he needs more.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone not at least smile when he's so excited about doing the sign of the cross? That's just awesome!

caramama said...

I love it when they are so helpful. In my mind, it means that someday they will be able to take over that chore entirely!

I also think it's adorable when he ends the cross with a yay! I'll bet God loves that.