Wednesday, November 12, 2008

17 Months

Today, Sasha, you're 17 months.

It's becoming very apparent what kind of little person you are and the funny little traits that go towards who you are.

You have a quirky little sense of humor. The oddest little things have you rolling on the floor, laughing so hard no sound comes out. And you know what kinds of things will have us rolling too--like your "strong man" routine (you pose and flex while grunt-shouting like a professional wrestler--one with a high-pitched, little bird voice).

You have an insatiable curiosity and a really long attention span. You'll spend hours working on something. And rather than give up or get bored, you'll get frustrated. You won't give'll just meltdown and keep trying to work on whatever it is you're struggling with while melting down. And you Want. To. Do. It. Yourself. Poor child, I really feel bad for you. That single-tracked mind will be both a boon and a burden if it stays with you.

You are very hard to stay mad at. When we are scolding you, your first reaction is to do something that gets the opposite reaction. Something sweet, or to make us laugh. I can see you're going to be slick. But after that doesn't work, you get angry back at us and I've had to chase after you to stick you back in Time-Out more than once. Or leave you mad and kicking the floor. Your angry face is really just very cute.

You're persniketty. But in an odd way. You detest having messy, sticky hands and will pick off every microscopic speck off your chair or clothing and hand it to me to dispose of. You cannot ABIDE having a messy diaper. And your food has to be served in a certain way. This has just always been you and how you are. But you also have normal little kidness as you walk around with your finger crammed up your nose and laugh every time someone says "poop", "burp", "fart"....

You are active--and that may be an understatement. Except for lately (because you haven't slept well ) you never stop moving. You even creep around your bed in your sleep, which is how we know you need to remain in a crib or sleep in a mattress on the floor.
We love you. Now if only you'd sleep and eat bread...


KG said...

I want to teach mine that hawt wrestling move. That sounds awesome.

caramama said...

He really is a little person with his very own personality. That's really neat! And way to capture it!