Thursday, November 20, 2008

Living at Lightspeed

Yesterday's post will get no further explaination. Let's just say it's an ongoing issue that makes me wish I were the type to drink heavily. It's also one that has the potential to cause me a lot of trouble. A lot. So the less said the better.
Other than that, things are normal, but busy with the holidays. Not that the Holidays themselves are making us busy, but we've got a ton of stuff to do that's either tangential or simply scheduled then because Hubby will be home on winter break and so it makes some things easier.
This weekend is our Anniversary.
Next week is Thanksgiving, after dinner(s) we start decorating, and the following weekend we go to take our family holiday photo (which includes bringing the dogs in the mall, it ought to be interesting).
Then the following weekend my work has a black-tie affair
Then we'll go cut down our tree.
Then the 18 month check-up and both dogs go for surgery (the hound just needs a cleaning, but kerrygirl has to have some real surgery too).
Then a couple days later it's Christmas.
I remember being little and thinking that the time between Halloween and Christmas dragged on and on. Now I wish it would just slow down.

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caramama said...

It is such a busy time of year, and you sound like you've got a lot going on! Good luck with it all!