Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's all good

Sometimes days like today happen.
Sure, theres a blockage somewhere in the chimmney. There was no way to know till you started that fire. And it seemed far more rational to think the smoke was coming from breakfast. Eventually it will stop smelling like we had a little arson problem and everything is fine.
And sure, our kitchen faucet points off all the way to the right when you don't have the hose clicked in all the way. I didn't know that...nope, not even after living here all this time. So naturally I was confused when, after letting the faucet run a little (to warm up), I found myself standing in a puddle. We got the dishwasher pulled out so we could dry where the water poured off behind the countertop, down the wall and it'll be fine.
And yeah, the restaurant didn't have our reservation.
And yeah, it was about 20 F and I don't have a coat (I do now, thank you).
But it was still a wonderful day. Happy anniversary.

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caramama said...

Happy anniversary. Way to look on the bright side. Sorry for the troubles, though.