Monday, November 24, 2008


  • Today I'm tired. My cold feels better, thanks to a flurry of cleaning yesterday (to include things like vaccuming out the ducts and cleaning the brass tables). So part of it must've been my stupid allergies. But I still have the part Sasha gave me. Poor kid. He was up half the night whiny and unable to find a comfortable position in his crib. So? Like any good Mom, I brought him into ours. How is it kids who don't feel well and can't get comfortable in a nice bed of their own, will fall deeply asleep once in the most bizarre contortions and draped uncomfortably across your body?
  • In a moment of complete stupidity (in addition to the "not having a coat" and "spraying water all over the place" moments) I noticed a bunch of teenaged girls coming out of the movie theater the same time we were. Now, seeing as we'd just seen Quantum of Solace, this didn't seem right. So I asked, loudly, was Daniel Craig a new age inappropriate heartthrob or something? Um, they were coming out of Twilight. It was showing next door. Appropriately timed so parents could forgo the teen angstiness.
  • Have you SEEN the trailer for the new Star Trek movie? I'm not a Trekkie (or is it Trekkor?) but it looks awesome. Although, what really is piquing my curiosity? Will these new actors do the bad acting en homage?
  • My child's head is huge. He put on my Capitals hat this weekend. And? It fit. No wonder I needed a C-section


caramama said...

I always wondering about the sleep thing too. I just don't get how she can be comfortable half on my body, with her arms and neck contorted wierdly.

I saw Twilight. Teen angst at its best. I really liked it. Once again, me and the preteens have the same taste. ;-)

Hubby told me about the new Star Trek. (Term is Trekkers.) I prefer TNG, so I'm not as excited about this movie. It still should be good, hopefully.

caramama said...

Oh, and glad you are feeling better! I hope you get fully better soon.