Friday, November 28, 2008


  • Sasha said a new word, “Angel”—sort of. Only he says it wrong and it comes out “Anal.” Ah, what a fun Christmas season this will be as he loudly points out all the “anals” everywhere. It’s cute though, and there are going to be times undoubtedly where I want him to talk ad nauseaum about the plethora of “anals”…and how he “needs” them (yes, when he wants something he precedes the name of it with “need”). It will allow is to both horrify people and be allowed to make a quick exit.

  • After Thanksgiving, I think there needs to be a rule book for get togethers of this variety:
  1. Don’t mention weight, weight loss, or comment on the quanitity others are eating. It’s not polite ever, and it becomes super-tasteless (not to mention off-topic) at a feast. “Thin” is not the answer to world peace and chances are if someone’s overweight, they know it. No one needs you chiming in.
  2. Yes, family gatherings are grand but respect that there may be some drama or conflict between members there. Forced affection makes everyone uncomfortable. Kissing shouldn’t be competitive and the expectation should just be for everyone to be polite and tolerant.
  3. And I’ve already mentioned about using children as competition. ‘Nuff said.

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caramama said...

Too funny about how Sasha pronounces angel! That will make for some funny stories, I'm sure!

I'm with you on the rules for the holidays. In fact, those should be rules for all times!