Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Maybe One Day He'll Share My Weakness for Bakeries

We had a lovely holiday in spite of everything (norovirus, sinus infections, dead truck...).

Sasha loved his wagon.

Hubby got to complain about his gifts (really, he likes to complain. He complains loudest when he gets EXACTLY what he asked for).

I accumulated more replacement cookware (stainless and cast iron in place of cheapo-teflon).

I also spent my first night away from the baby. Oh, it was so hard to do...even though I know it was the right choice. We were both too sick and contagious. Grandma's was the best place for him. He already had sinusitis and didn't need anything more.

The big news is...

This morning???

He. Ate. Bread!!!!!!!

Now, most parents would think I'm totally nuts for making this into a milestone. But they are people with normal children who like jelly and cream cheese sandwiches, pancakes, and assorted other baked goods. Sasha has always reviled them.

But this morning, after his bowl of cereal and fruit (he will eat cereal. He especially likes Kix or oatmeal with greek yogurt instead of milk), he asked his Daddy for one of the croissants. Nothing special, just Pillsbury, baked-from-the-tube croissants. We always let him try new foods when he asks (within reason of course) and so Hubby gave him one, not really expecting him to take more than a taste (of course, the chewed mouthful would be returned to Daddy along with the bread-item...per the usual). Sasha just sat and ate it.

I only pray that this is the start of eating bread. Those who have children who Will. Not. Eat. It! Just don't know how hard it is to pack balanced, yet bread-free lunches.

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caramama said...

That really is exciting! There are so many yummy and easy breads and bread products out there. Hopefully, he will continue to develop a taste for them!

Merry (belated) Christmas! I'm jealous of the cast iron cookware. I'm dying to replace our teflon with that, but just don't have the money yet.