Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nureyev, Barishnokov,....


We all know that babies and toddlers love to dance. But “baby dance” tends to be rather chaotic. Crazy flapping arms, bouncing, bopping…no particular rhythm, steps, or grace required.

Apparently, we have graduated from “baby dance”.

Yesterday, Sasha showed his love for a recognized form of dance, ballet. Apropos of nothing, he turned on his little music player and did a little routine with twirls; first, second and third position; plies; arabesques, efface; and even attempted what looked like it should have been a jete (but as he can’t jump yet it didn’t quite work out)…most of the time on tip-toe.

He’s never been to a dance class.

I stopped dancing back in college, so its not like he sees me doing it.

I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t be signing him up right now.

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caramama said...

I'm sensing prodgidy material!!