Friday, December 12, 2008

Go ahead Dr., Get the Super-Delux Model

Gotta love a trip to the vet's. I swear, when they know we're coming, they start picking out their new yachts (I joke, somewhat. The practice we go to has actually been MUCH cheaper than clinics that do more traditional veterinary medicine). Seriously though, it's not their fault my "girls" are high maintenance.

The Hound has apparently had a repercussion from her wildness beyond her persistant need for stitches. It looks as if she may have damaged her eyes and be losing her sight. We got a referral to a veterinary opthamologist to confirm our vets diagnosis and to see what, if anything we should do about it. Thank God her health insurance doesn't have anything as a pre-existing condition.

It would explain a lot, to include her recent increasing skittishness despite having nothing to actually fear. I know dogs can become very fearful for a time when losing their senses, till they sort things out.

Kerrygirl is having surgery on the 23rd (yes, 2 days before Christmas. Can you tell we aren't going anywhere?) to remove several items, to include possibly part of her already docked tail. She has what looks to be a large growth in addition to her spiculosis (remind self to ask about isoretinoin therapy) that seems to have concentrated on her rump. And she's getting her teeth cleaned then too (as is the Hound). Then she'll need to have a followup, where we think we'll get her another accupuncture and AK treatment, as her stomach has been a bit wonky lately and the toxic fumes are killing us. Plus, they always seem to help her heal faster and be better off in general.

Maybe we'll send the Hound too. Maybe it would help her eyes.

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KG said...

Holy expensive vet bill, Batman! Good luck with all that!