Monday, December 15, 2008

Things I learned this weekend

  1. Did you know, that when your child throws a tantrum, that is an ideal moment to give him a haircut? It worked out very well this weekend.
  2. "Mom Vision" (the psychic ability to know what your child is doing wrong the instant he's doing it) appears to develop within a few months of the start of the toddler stage.
  3. An 18 month old can eat an adult-sized fish dinner. Only problems being minor motor-skills issues with the fork and some resulting fish down the overalls.
  4. A dog who's going blind ceases to be interested in holding her own late night viewings of werewolf movies.
  5. You have officially become old when an offer of Fleetwood Mac concert tickets looks fun to you.
  6. Apparently some people continue to play drinking games many, many, many years after leaving college.
  7. If the cat's been in the kitchen, I shouldn't eat the cookies.
  8. Apparently I’m the only person who uses The Sims to vent my rage. Others think it's seriously warped. But really, how bad is it to make a little cartoon person wet themselves or eat bad food repeatedly? No one is really getting hurt, and you feel much better having caused it.


KG said...

Dude - you should just yell at people instead. Way more fun, way more therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

The Sims idea is an interesting outlet.

As for number 7, do I even want to ask why you shouldn't eat cookies after the cat as been the kitchen?

I too thought 'Oh wow, Fleetwood Mac might not be bad' when I heard on the radio they were giving away tickets. Yes, I agree, it's a sign.

Becoming Mommy said...

As for #7, I'm just very, very, very allergic to cat. Dander, Saliva, pretty much just the entire animal. And it's epi-pen level, not Claritin level.

Burgh Baby said...

Heh. My husband's best friend and his wife are always inviting us over to play beer pong and I'm always, "Dude, we're too old for that crap." They are older than us, but apparently will never realize that college is over.