Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa has his spies

Children, did you not get what you wished for from Santa? Or get practically an entire forest and quarry in your shoe from St. Nick? Or did the 3 Kings pass you by?

Be honest, did you exaggerate how "good" you were and chose to ignore all those naughty things you did all year, hoping no one would know it was you?

Well, children, let this be a lesson to you. There are spies everywhere for these good folks. Spies you'd never guess at. Spies who have a view to everything and can run to inform on you at a moments notice.

The birds of the air, the mice on the ground, and even that cockroach scuttling around in the garage are informants with a direct line to the Big Man at the North Pole.

So, be good for goodness sake!

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