Tuesday, January 13, 2009

19 Months

Sasha, I only have one main question to you on you 19 month assessment.

What is it with you and zebras?

I know your room is kind of jungle/safari themed, so zebras have been part of your life since always. But so have tigers, elephants, monkeys...and yet you pick zebras to adore. At Nana's (since, against her wishes, that is what you call Grandma) she has animal puzzles, and you walk around with the darn zebra piece. Or the card (since you have flashcards there too). At home you also found that you had a puzzle with a zebra piece and you walk around with it there too. You've shown me, proudly, the zebras on your quilt. And, of course, you've just realized the one on your wall (forget the other animals and plants...its all about the zebra). I kinda wish it were spring, then I'd go and show you REAL zebras. You'd probably go apoplectic. Or maybe not. Maybe the "real thing" would seem different enough you had no interest (although I doubt that, I know how you are with animals).

And words of advice now from your Mommy.

  • Stop playing with your privates. I'm so tired of telling you to stop yanking on it, that I feel like I should carry around a tape player that tells you to stop playing with your privates and stop picking your nose. What is up with that? Are you trying to make your penis several feet long or something? You have short, little legs; you'll trip. Trust me, it’s the right size. Leave it alone before it falls off.
  • Stop picking your nose. Stop trying to pick everyone else's nose. And PUH-LEASE stop trying to eat what you find in there. It's revolting.
  • It's winter, it's cold, and there's a reason Mommy dresses you in clothing. I know it's fun to be naked, but there is an appropriate time and place and it's not either EVERYWHERE or ALL THE TIME!
  • Stop trying to remove other people's clothes. I know you're curious to see what everyone else has and to practice doing buttons, snaps, zippers, etc. But it's just not right.
  • Oh, and one last thing. Black and blueberries don’t go down your shirt. If the wrong person saw all that purple and blue all over your chest and belly they'd think we beat you. Yeah, it's funny at the moment to have food in your shirt, but that stuff doesn't wash off.
Love you!


caramama said...

Soooo funny! I'm sure very frustrating from your perspective, but funny from the outside!

The Pumpkin is also loving being naked or in just a diaper lately. Couldn't that phase have waited until summer? Or at least spring?

Karen said...

Ah, the joys of parenting boys. Penises and boogers are going to be part of your vernacular for years to come.