Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I, too, find my shen disturbed

I think we’re about to go into another little jump, developmentally.

The night terrors have restarted and when he’s awake? Lord, help me. I just don’t have that kind of energy. Yesterday he was his normal, hyper self, only magnified by a factor of at least 3. Maybe 10.

His favorite games right now are kitchen, ball, chase, hide-and-go-seek, and monster (which can occasionally include all the previous). “Monster” is a pretty funny game and it’s hard not to just laugh hysterically at him. He’ll go and don some sort of disguise (apparently at Nana’s it was a dishtowel on his head and her Ove Gloves) and come at you as The Monster. He growls and walks funny and you’re supposed to run away and pretend you’re scared. Sometimes The Monster has to have a Monster Snack (so we play kitchen) and sometimes The Monster wants to play Monster Ball.

He usually doesn’t break character for a good while. Sometimes hours.

Yesterday I had to take a little time off work because we wanted to get the girls on file with the new holistic wing at the emergency hospital. They’ve been taking appointments, so we took KerryGirl first. After all, with the inexplicable blasting that’s been going on, she kind of needs it. And now it appears we have yet another vet for her. The doctor came to the same conclusion of shen disturbance and sporadic liver/spleen disharmony and said she’d like to see her monthly.
So we have another vet it seems. Actually, it’s good for me to move the monthly treatments to her, because the clinic we use for EVERYTHING is about 40 miles away and naturally only works on normal office hours. This place is 2 miles away and 24/7. I don’t have to lose my evenings with the constant vet visits.

The Hound goes next and will probably also have a shen disturbance, because lets face it…they’re both wound way too tight. Only the terrier makes herself ill with worry and the hound destroys things and screams till I’d like to kill her.

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caramama said...

The Monster Game sounds hysterical!!!!

Maybe that's what's wrong with our cat, who is peeing everywhere but in the litter boxes. His shen is disturbed...