Thursday, January 15, 2009

Penguin Is Probably Yummy Roasted

Last night’s game was awesome. I love watching the Penguins lose, and thankfully it looks like Ovie is back to scoring again, thankfully.

I finally got real sleep. I went to bed ‘early’ (what passes for it, which means prior to midnight) and slept alone and undisturbed till about a quarter past five. It was like heaven. My snoring and wheezing (I caught Sasha’s cold) didn’t bother anyone and no one’s crazy legs, sleepwalking, night terrors, etc. bothered me.

Sasha has added other creatures to his imaginary identity list. Yesterday when I picked him up, he was apparently the Hound. He told me so himself. I suppose because it allowed him to be a dog, tear stuff up and be generally mischievous, AND allowed him to scream in an incredibly high-pitched screech for maximum fun for him/pain to his parents.

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