Friday, January 16, 2009

See? there aren't any pickles...

I think the winter must be getting to me or something. The cold. The dark. The general yuckiness of it all.

Because of two things:
  1. I am constantly tired. My sleep schedule hasn’t changed. It just no longer seems to be doing the job.
  2. I am constantly hungry. Yes, I’m still doing my WW and keeping to my points (okay, so yesterday I totally fell off the wagon, but it’s okay. One day won’t kill me and I’m back on it today). Not only am I hungry, but I’m hungry for specific things.
  • Wednesday I wanted fish tacos and a slice of fudge cake (FUDGE not chocolate) with French vanilla ice cream. We had homemade seafood pizza.
  • Thursday I wanted a gyro where the meat had been cooked in buffalo wing sauce, and still wanted fudge cake with French vanilla ice cream. Hubby got me a gyro where the meat had been grilled a moment with the buffalo wing sauce and chocolate cake with regular vanilla ice cream (he’s a good man).
  • Today I want chili-cheese fries and fudge cake with French vanilla ice cream. I may bake a baby potato and put a spoonful of chili and a pinch of cheese on it to hopefully satisfy that need till it goes away. I have no idea what to do about my apparent, persistant dessert requirement.

The cravings are freaking annoying.

And no, I am NOT pregnant.

I don’t think.


caramama said...

Girl, you better pee on a stick, because you are sounding like me!

Of course, it might be a bit of the winter blues, also. Winter blues (and SAD) does have the symptom of craving carb-laden foods, so maybe the sweets is part of it too.

KG said...

I'd recommend peeing on the stick, too ....