Monday, February 9, 2009

Mommy Hugs Make it Better

No deviousness this weekend. None at all…poor boy.

Nothing says “Parent” quite like spending the weekend with vomit in your hair. Sasha got the stomach flu. And apparently when nauseated, he wants to be hugged all the time. I learned after a while I can deal with being drenched in puke from head to toe, because it’s just too much hassle to keep showering every 5 minutes.

I feel guilty for having gotten so annoyed with him. He refused to eat anything Friday night, Saturday breakfast, or Saturday lunch without any sign of being sick. He was still acting like a lunatic and when I’d offer food, he’d just shake his head with all his might and say “No! No! No!!!” If only he could have told me why. But he can’t yet, and so we got aggravated with him when he had every right to refuse food.

After all, it was after I’d given up on lunch that he started what we’d spend the rest of the weekend with.

Fortunately, a trip to the doctor got us some of the good stuff (zofran!!) and so we were able to get him to stop enough so he could eat some popsicles and not be so dehydrated.

He’s eating a little today, but the meds make him so groggy he’s not all that interested. I think tomorrow we’ll try to take him off and see if he can keep food down.

Poor boy.


KG said...

Ugh - I remember my kid got a stomach thing RIGHT when he started eating baby food. I thought he was allergic to the food or something. And then I discovered that no, he was actually just bio-warfare. My husband and I spent the following several days barfing. Good times.

I hope everybody is better by now - I swear those stomach things knock me on my butt, but the kid just shrugs them off!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, sorry you had a rough weekend. It stinks when they're really dehydrated and you can't get anything to stay down.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

caramama said...

Ohhhh, poor guy! I'm so sorry that he got so sick and you had to be covered in puke! I hope everyone is better now.