Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I can see we have a devious mind on our hands

I haven’t posted in a long time (at least for me). We’ve been very busy with work, chasing Sasha around, a serious sleep regression, and (admittedly) I’ve been sucked into the retro world of text games.
But there’s been a lot going on.

  1. Since Christmas, Sasha has lost interest in reading stories or anything that might even be conversational. Instead, he is completely obsessed with naming things. Hours and hours are spent walking around the house, looking thru books and magazines, combing thru old photos…doing nothing but naming things. And when he’s named absolutely every item or depiction in the house? We start over. I hate to say it, but I’m bored nearly to tears. Granted, his vocabulary is just growing exponentially with this, but my god…How many times does he have to tell me it’s a picture of Elmo? I’m glad this phase happened, but I’m ready for it to end.
  2. We’ve also, apparently, begun to learn counting. I’d sing the 10 Little Indians to him and we’d do the fingers, but I didn’t think it had clicked. We’ve recently taught him to put up 1 finger and say “one” when he’s asked how old he is. However, the other day he started thinking it was funny to fib, and now occasionally holds up the wrong number of fingers (but saying the right word to correspond with those fingers) and then laughs hysterically.
  3. He has another new joke, where he pretends to be hiding something in his hands and looking at it and behaving like he’s being sneaky. But no, there’s nothing in there…It’s all part of his campaign to make us insane and get a good laugh at our expense.
  4. When we leave Church, he now waves and says “Bye, God.” No we didn’t teach him that, but it’s soooo cute.
  5. Tantrums have changed. Now I think he's learning when he's mad, they don't work. He's started just doing vengeful things now when he's been scolded. Things he knows get a rise out of us. It's not always hitting, biting, kicking night he just stomped over, picked up the dogs water dish and tipped it over with a self-satisfied air.


Burgh Baby said...

Ugh. I loath when they find new ways to get vengeance. I almost prefer a tantrum to stuff like pouring water all over.

caramama said...

Ahh, the toddler stage. Fun and boring and exciting and frustrating all mixed into one! GL!