Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Curse of the Thumbless

After yesterday’s gross post, I will have nicer things to say today.

It’s become clear, Sasha needs a sibling.

I’ve been watching him try to get the dogs to play with him. Unfortunately, he’s still so much a baby that he doesn’t understand why dogs don’t play cars or puzzles and becomes frustrated. And when he gets overly emotional—be it happy or sad—he starts hitting. So I’ve had to be extra careful to watch when that little thing in his brain is about to snap so we can save the poor furballs.

Yes, he tries to make the dogs play puzzles or whatever it is he’s playing. He’ll even put the toys between their paws and try to make their feet go like hands.
We have very patient animals.

And no, I’m DEFINITELY not pregnant. My cravings and tiredness are apparently seasonal or some nameless “other.”


caramama said...

That's really cute! My girl was just putting a long beaded necklace on our dog this morning. It is amazing how patient dogs can be.

Come join me in the chaos that is being pregnant with a toddler and the roller coaster that is sure to be when I have an infant with the toddler! But only if you and your hubby are also ready. ;-)

KG said...

My 17 month old son tries to play "catch" with the cat. He hasn't figured out that PEOPLE play catch and not animals. He totally lobs his giant football at the cat who, of course, runs in terror. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so amazingly cute. It's interesting that children approach all living things with the same amount of I guess you'd call it respect?